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Online Design Services

Linking all your online assets with your existing sales platforms all the while keeping formatting for any OS across mobile, social and traditional medias sound like fun to you? It does to us. The look and feel of your digital presence is your first chance at a lasting impression. It should have a flow to it, and more importantly, convey the theme of the website in a way that furthers discovery.

The best marketing investment today is a well-conceived and executed web strategy. While there is a multitude of dimensions tied to achieving impressive online results, the issues surrounding design are central to the equation. The look and feel of your website is your first chance at a lasting impression. It should have a flow to it, and more importantly, convey the theme of the website in a way that both encourages further discovery (stickiness) and also drives visitors toward a favorable outcome. As the best web design agency, DigiWorks has recognized four critical components of Design that affect a company’s online performance. We consult in each of these areas and have a dedicated Web Design Team prepared to tackle these projects.

Our services include:

Optimized Website Design

1Optimized Website Design is the centerpiece of our Web Design Services. The essence of the program is a belief that if a site is being designed or redesigned, it should be done with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. We have a team of talented Web Designers and Programmers who work very closely with our SEO Department. They collaborate to develop custom and professional Websites that are both compelling and search-engine friendly.

Landing Pages

2The key to any successful marketing strategy is to drive more qualified conversions, DigiWorks has a great deal of expertise in Landing Pages that are aligned with the needs of the searcher, the keywords being searched for and the ad copy in the search results. As the number of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertisers has increased, landing page quality and relevance has become increasingly important for optimal results.


3If the goal of a Website is to achieve sales, then the e-commerce component of the site needs to be designed intuitively and execute transactions flawlessly. Given that there are numerous e-commerce platforms available, it is vital to select the best program for the unique needs of each Website. DigiWorks has detailed knowledge of these platforms along with an understanding of their Search Engine Optimization related implications. We listen closely to clients’ objectives and integrate the most appropriate e-commerce solution depending on their needs.

User Experience

4Searchers rarely spend meaningful time on Websites that fail to measure up to their expectations from a User Experience perspective. There are just too many alternative sites to visit. A site will succeed in direct relation to the degree that it satisfies the needs of its target audience. DigiWorks is extremely skilled in the essentials of site functionality and has a successful track record in a large number of Website applications and industries.